Building on the success and enthusiasm of TEDxPortsmouth, we are presenting our first-ever TEDxPortsmouthWomen event on December 6, 2018 at 3S Artspace. What is TEDxPortsmouthWomen, and how does it differ from our flagship TEDx event?

What is TEDxPortsmouthWomen?
TEDxPortsmouthWomen 2018 is built around the TEDWomen 2018 conference, with the theme: Showing Up. TEDxWomen events may choose to produce full events, similar to TEDx events, with live speakers and performers, or to build the program around curated video sessions from TEDWomen. This year, for our first Women event, we’re organizing an event with two curated video sessions from TEDWomen.
When is TEDxPortsmouthWomen?
TEDxPortsmouthWomen will happen Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 3S Artspace.
How long is TEDxPortsmouthWomen?
It is a half-day event, with our program running 4pm–8:30pm. Doors open at 3:30pm, first session starts at 4pm and second session’s post-session networking/breakout time ends at 8:30pm.
Each of the two sessions will show one full video session from TEDWomen 2018: Showing Up, which will take place live November 28-30 in Palm Springs. The talks from this event will mostly not be live online, yet so in most cases, this will be the first chance for anyone in this region to see the talks and curator conversations from the live event. We will also be putting the video sessions in local context and creating conversation and networking opportunities after each video session.
How much are tickets?
Since we are not curating live presentations, TED rules stipulate that we must offer tickets for free — so, tickets are free! (Which means they’ll go fast!)
How can I attend?
Registration opens tomorrow at 10am for TEDxPortsmouthWomen. Since registration is free, we expect seats to go fast! Bookmark the registration link — registration opens at 10am on Wednesday, October 10th.
Have additional questions? Please contact us!