We are excited to announce the co-hosts of TEDxPortsmouthWomen 2018 — Showing Up!

Shema Rubdi is an aspiring filmmaker and cinematographer. She is a graduate from the University of New Hampshire where she cultivated a love for movies, a passion for feminism and social justice and an enthusiasm for independent/DIY art. With a craving to celebrate diversity in her work, Shema strives to make authentic stories be shown, be heard and be seen all around the world. Also, she wants you to know she pronounces her name like Sh+emma Roob-dee and she is from Milford, New Hampshire.

Nancy Pearson has nearly 20 years of nonprofit management experience working for organizations such as The University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire Public Television and the Center for Women & Enterprise. She brings expertise in relationship management and program delivery to her role as Director of the Center for Women & Enterprise. Nancy holds a master’s in Public Administration from the University of New Hampshire, and is serving her second term as an elected official as a city council member in Portsmouth, NH.